My Status
My Status

My Status lets your Friends/Family/Colleagues know your current status and availability simply before you answer the call by showing a flash message. Once you set up your status, your contacts will start receiving it as a flash SMS anytime they call you.

  • Create a general status: A general status is visible to all callers regardless if they are in any group/list.
  • Create individual status: You can set status for individual callers.
  • Create groups:  You can create groups and set status individually for each group.
  • There are three types of group available Friends, Family & Colleagues
  • Create Black list:  You can create a black list for numbers you do not want to send any status to.
    The following hierarchy is followed when displaying status:
  • Black list check
  • Caller Status
  • Groups Status
  • General Status

Example: If a number is in a particular group he/she will not receive a general status, only group status shall be received any time they call you.
In order to use My Status, users must activate their service

Send “Sub” to 6525
Dial *969#
All commands are sent to 6525
  • You will receive an SMS verifying your subscription from 6525
  • Reply with ‘Set Gen Your Status’, for example SET GEN I AM PRAYING…PLEASE CALL ME BACK IN 15 MINS and send to 6525 to set your status
  • Once you set up your status(es), your contact(s) will start receiving Flash SMS anytime they call you
Weekly subscription charges PKR 3.59/week inclusive tax with automatic renewal for prepaid subscribers
Monthly subscription charges PKR 17.93/month inclusive tax for postpaid subscribers


You can perform certain actions, like setting up a General status for all callers, setting up status for individual caller(s) & groups.

Description Keywords Send to Example
Service Subscription SUB 6525 Send “SUB” to 6525
Unsubscribe UNSUB 6525 Send “UNSUB” to 6525
Status of the Service STATUS 6525 Send "Status" to 6525
Set new or replace existing General Status Set Status <status> 6525 Send “Set Status I am in a meeting" to 6525
View Current General Status View Status 6525 Send “View Status” to 6525
Delete General Status Del Status 6525 Send "Del Status" to 6525
Get specific callers list List Callers 6525 Send "List Callers" to 6525
Set new or replace existing Caller Status Set caller <number><status> 6525 Send " set caller 0321xxxxxxx I am in a meeting "
Delete Caller Status Del Caller <number> 6525 Send "del caller 0321xxxxxxx" to 6525
Create new group Create Group <GROUPNAME> 6525 Send "Create group office"
Add Number to Group Add Group <GROUPNAME> <NUMBER> 6525 Send “Add group office 0321xxxxxxx” to 6525
Set or replace status for Group Set Group <Group Name> <Status>   Send " Set group office Happy New year"
Delete Group Del Group <Group_Name> 6525 Send “del group office” to 6525
View list of Group List Groups 6525 Send "list groups" to 6525
Delete Group Numbers Del group <group name><number> 6525 Send "Del group office 0321xxxxxxx" to 6525
View specific group details View Group <Group_Name> 6525 Send "view group Office" to 6525
Set new or replace existing Group Status Set <Group_Name> <status> 6525 Send "set Friends I am on vacation" to 6525
Help Help 6525 Send "HELP" to 6525
Add Number to Black List Add BL <MSISDN> 6525 Send "Add BL 0321xxxxxxx" to 6525
Delete Number from Black List Del BL <MSISDN> 6525 Send "Del BL 0321xxxxxxx" to 6525
View Black List Numbers List BL 6525 Send "List BL" to 6525
Delete All Black List Numbers Del BL All 6525 Send "Del BL All" to 6525
To turn off your status LogOff 6525 Send " LogOff" to 6525
To turn on your status Logon 6525 Send "LogOn" to 6525
To block flash sms and copy status sms of dialled number 6525 Send "Status off" to 6525
To unblock flash sms and copy status sms of dialled number Status on 6525 Send "Status on" to 6525
To block copy status SMS Block 6525 Send "Block" to 6525
to unblock copy status SMS Unblock 6525 Send "Unblock" to 6525

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