Warid Ezee Connection
WaridEzee Connection

Warid presents an exclusive service for its esteemed customers - “WaridEzee Connection” Where Customers can purchase any Warid Prepaid number of their choice from their nearest Warid Retailers.

Up till now, the only option that existed for customers to purchase a Warid Prepaid SIM was to go to one of Warid’s Business Centers or Franchises. Now with WaridEzee Connection customers can buy a Warid Prepaid number more conveniently by visiting their nearest Warid Retailer!


  • Subscriber walks in to a Retailer shop & requests for a new Warid number
  • Retailer dials *231# from EVC SIM and receives 5 new mobile numbers
  • If the customer does not like any of the numbers, the Retailer will dial *231# again from EVC SIM to receive next 5 mobile numbers.

Once the customer likes one of the numbers from the available list then:

  • Retailer will dial 135 helpline for Number Mapping
  • Retailer will provide the selected mobile number and ICCID (Written on the SIM) to the 135 agent for Number Mapping
  • When the number is successfully mapped by the 135 agent, the customer will need to call 789 after one hour to activate the number


Regular Warid Prepaid SIM charges apply to WEC SIM.


How can I get a WEC SIM?

You can get any number of your choice from any Warid retailer located nearest you. 

Will my WEC number work as normal number?

Yes, WEC number works as normal Warid Prepaid number.

Are there any additional costs for a WEC SIM?

No, the price of the WEC SIM is the same as of a regular Warid Prepaid SIM.

Can I use other VAS services on my WEC number e.g. GPRS or MMS?

Yes, all VAS services can be used on your WEC number.

If I get a WEC number without mapping, then will my number be activated?

No, you will have to visit the same retailer for number mapping.

How can I get further details?

For further details and support, call our 321 helpline.

Terms & Conditions

All charges include government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.
Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Ezeeload includes an 15% withholding tax.
Block all unwanted Calls and SMS on your Warid number by dialing 420. Charges Rs. 2+tax/minute and Rs. 19+tax/month. – PTA