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Warid Tijarat FAQs
  • Is it possible to activate this service through call center?
    No it is a subscription-based service; it has to be activated by sending SMS to the defined short code according to the subscription.
  • Are there any charges for sending SMS to upload the interest?
    No, there are no charges for sending SMS after a user has paid the subscription fee for their package of choice.
  • How do I renew my subscription?
    You will be sent a reminder when your subscription is near expiration. In order to renew your subscription you will have to confirm by sending an SMS to the desired package to keep your subscription active.
  • How can I be registered through WEB and WAP?
    You can access the Web and Wap platforms by going to

    You will be asked to provide your mobile number. A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone whereby you will be able to access the Web and Wap platforms. In case you have not subscribed via mobile phone, you will be asked to send SUB in an SMS to your subscription package of choice.
  • How can I set my password?
    Once you enter the Web and Wap platform, you will be asked to set your password for easy access to the Web and Wap platforms.
  • What does “My Market” mean?
    “My Market” shows you a list of what you have posted on the system and matches against your posts for your future references. You can Edit or Delete an interest in the “My Market” tab.
  • What does “Live Market” mean?
    “Live Market” shows you a list of all the interests posted by other people in and around your city. 
  • How can I set my location?
    You can change your location on the Web and Wap portal under the location area and provide your city name. You will be matched with people only in your city.
  • Can I use Warid Tijarat on SMS, WEB and WAP at the same time?
    Yes you can use the service on all three platforms at the same time with the same Mobile Number. The service will cross communicate among all three platforms, that is, if you will post an interest via SMS it will be visible over the WEB and WAP platforms as well.
  • What does “Match” mean?
    Match means if anyone else has a selling or buying interest similar to yours, you will automatically be connected with the other party, hence your interest will “match” their interest.
    For example: you post an interest “Selling Nokia phone for 5000 rupees”. Warid Tijarat will automatically match or connect you with the buyers of Nokia phones in your city.
  • What do I do with the matches you send me on my phone?
    You can contact these people by calling or sending SMS and inquire further about the product or service they are offering or you are looking. You can set meeting points and can exchange goods or services.
  • How do you pay for the product and service?
    Buyers and sellers decide by themselves, where, when and how to pay the payments. Warid Tijarat will simply match you with the buyers or sellers and then traders by themselves set the meeting points and payment terms and conditions.
    Warid Tijarat does not charge any commission or percentage in the payments traders decide between each other.
    Warid will not be held responsible for any fraudulent activity that may occur during trade.